I'm a designer with a love for all things that are beautiful. As a child my wonderment for art and creativity were obvious, but more specifically for the systematic side of design. My curiousity led me to wonder how things worked, to my mom's chagrin as many clocks and other small appliances where sacrificed to my dismantling.

Today my career has been focused on helping companies such as Salesforce, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Trulia and StubHub succeed through great experiences, with the deep understanding of a strong brand. The ability to empathize and captivate users through research, qualitative and quantitative data, along with beautiful visuals and design systems is something that I strive for.

Expertise in the Agile and development process allows me to work seamless with Engineering teams. My curious and innovative mindset is integral when collaborating with Product teams. Ultimately my passion is having a tenacity to bring teams together from all sides of the business, seeing the big picture and delivering great products.