I'm a designer with a love for all things that are beautiful. As a child my wonderment for art and creativity were obvious, but more specifically for the systematic side of design. My grade school classmates appreciated my creativity so much that a few of them would pay me to do their art assignments. My curiousity led me to wonder how things worked, to my mom's chagrin as many clocks and other small appliances where sacrificed to my dismantling. Those characteristics has helped me gain knowledge in not just design but the how and why of things.

My career has been focused on helping companies achieve success with my most recent tenures at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Trulia. My background is extensive with a solid blend of design, user experience, research and coding which allows me to play a key role on any team. My enthusiasm for design, technical thinking, curiosity and eagerness for knowledge has made me the designer I am today.