HPE / App Publisher
design + research
At the heart of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Application Marketplace are the content creators, the app developers. And, it's the content creators who help drive the success of the platform. For app developers to be successful they needed an improved app publishing experience, one that allowed multi-session engagement, efficiency in usability, and clarity in data entry. The former process was confusing and lack numerous functionalities such as save draft, version control, required fields, and approval processes. As the Design Lead for the HPE App Marketplace, I was responsible for understanding what features were needed and enhancing the intuitiveness and efficiency of the experience.

Due to the complex nature, requiring users to provide an extensive amount of data and files during multiple sessions at times, the process needed to be extremely task focused and streamlined. In collabortion with my product partners we set a goal of reducing user error rates by a certain percent and increasing in-app feedback scores to a specific measure. Bringing in Engineering Leads at the start of the ideation phase encouraged better alignment with our key developer persona as well as identifying technical constraits early.

In addition, I lead the research activities for the project in the form of usabilities studies, conducted through UserTesting. I created the participant screener, test script, prototypes, and final readout. With a goal of gathering feedback on general usability, functionality, flow, and content.