HPE / Design System
design + leadership
While I was Design Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise the company was in the mist of a spin-merge with Micro Focus, a London-based software company. Together, the combined company would be one of the largest software companies in the world. During the months leading up to the merge my team was responsible for creating a new design system. The goal was to create consistency across the design eco-system, allow engineers to development more efficiently and to enhance the design aesthetics.

For the ideation and execution phase, I worked with Greg, who was a Designer on my team. Together we explored various options based on the product needs, engaging frequently with the rest of my Design Team, and Product and Engineering teams to fulfill technical requirements and use cases, both known and potential. I also schedule weekly updates with Stakeholders and Executives to communication status and progress.

We identified what we could not and should not change, which was basically the logo. Beyond that everything else was open for change; type hierarchy, color palette, navigation, forms, content, lists, data tables, cards, and much more. We gained inspiration by researching other design systems within and outside of the softwware industry, but ultimately prioritized our own use cases and needs.